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The Church of the Nazarene is a denomination  in the Wesleyan stream of Christian faith and practice. John Wesley, a pastor and priest in the Church of England (Anglican Church) is our theological grandfather. We trace back our apostolic and universal/catholic heritage through Wesley to the early church. We hold to the orthodox Christian faith confessed in both the Nicene and Apostles Creeds.

We believe that both women and men are equally called to vocational ministry--preaching, leading, and directing the local church and other ministries.

We believe that God calls us to the biblical mandate of holiness in heart and life, just as God is holy. (Leviticus 20.26; 1 Peter 1.16; 1 Thessalonians 4.7) We believe that God calls us to reflect God's holy love and grace in the world for the sake of the gospel.

Because of this, we believe that God is making all things new in Jesus by his death and resurrection through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. That includes not just us, but also the entire cosmos.
We Believe:
  1. In one God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. The Old and New Testament Scriptures, given by plenary inspiration, contain all truth necessary to faith and Christian living.
  3. Human beings are born with a fallen nature, and are, therefore, inclined to evil, and that continually.
  4. The finally impenitent are hopelessly and eternally lost.
  5. The atonement through Jesus Christ is for the whole human race; and that whosoever repents and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ is justified and regenerated and saved from the dominion of sin.
  6. That believers are to be sanctified wholly, subsequent to regeneration, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. The Holy Spirit bears witness to the new birth, and also to the entire sanctification of believers.
  8. Our Lord will return, the dead will be raised, and the final judgment will take place.

    Manual of the Church of the Nazarene: 2017–2021,  ¶  20–20.8.

What to expect when you join us for worship

A hospitable community

We welcome you to worship with us as we encounter the presence of the risen Lord in and through corporate worship.

Worship rooted in the Trinity

Our worship is anchored in God's triunity. We worship the Father through the Son in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

The presence of the Holy Spirit

We have an expectation that we will meet with God and that the work of the Holy Spirit will transform us by grace more and more into the image of Christ.

The Four-fold Pattern of Worship

The vintage path of Christian worship is in four movements: 1. We gather in Jesus' name 2. to hear the word of the Lord, which 3. calls to respond in giving thanks. 4. We're empowered and sent out in Jesus' name to love God and serve others.

A challenging message to grow in grace

We give space and place in our worship to hear the word of of the Lord proclaimed . We listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to us and how we're called to love God, love others, and serve the world for the sake of the gospel.

The celebration of grace through the Lord's Supper

God has given the Church the sacrament of Communion where we meet with the Lord and he gives us grace to grow in holy love for God and for the world. We are fed by God by faith to strengthen us in the way of Jesus.

God and the Bible

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