SPAR / Catalyst

Discover What True Christian Manhood Is

New SPAR / Catalyst Class Begins on September 13, 2021. Sign Up Here!

WHEN: Monday's at 7:00PM - Beginning Sept. 13th (Unless otherwise notified)
WHERE: Hilltop Church of the Nazarene (10818 University Blvd. Tyler, TX 75707)

Catalyst is a 16-week journey towards true Christian manhood. Catalyst will help teach men how to SPAR (Sharpen, Pray, Affirm, Repent) with one another. We will do a deep dive each week into different aspects of what it means to truly be a man of God. For questions, please email [email protected] We look forward to seeing you there!  

SPAR & Catalyst is NOT:

1. It is  not a Bible study - The local church does a great job with Biblical education through sermons, Bible studies, etc. (We have plenty of theological info!!)

2. It is not an accountability group - Accountability is not discipleship because it is behavior focused, makes it too tempting to not tell the whole truth, & it creates expectations for one another. The bottom line is that discipleship should be a spiritually empowering relationship and  accountability groups do not tend to empower one another spiritually.

3. It is not a "small group" - Small groups focus on the weekly meeting.  Our focus is building genuine, intimate relationships.  Eventually, what happens between the meetings will be much more powerful than what happens in the meetings.

SPAR / Catalyst Really Is:

SPAR is true discipleship and  a spiritual journey. We have two gifts to give you through SPAR, a brotherhood and a breakthrough. You will have an army of men to help you fight your battles and also to march forward to change the world together and will also see God  do a unique work of transformation in your heart and relationships. That is the promise of SPAR.

SPAR Breakdown:


Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  We don’t preach or give advice, instead we ask probing questions, and give feedback- speak truth in love.


This is letting God be God: speak, convict, encourage. Just as importantly, we must respond back to God when He speaks!


We can destroy the lies of the enemy—by simply reminding a brother of his true identity in Christ.


The fruit of brothers coming together:  Metanoia, “a change of mind”. We always leave a SPAR seeing ourselves, others, and God differently. This. Changes. Everything!

Ground Rules:

1. 100% Confidentiality.  What is said in SPAR, stays in SPAR.  Period.  Say nothing outside the group.
2. No teaching, counseling, giving advice, or trying to fix another man.
3. Clean Communication. Say “I” and “me”, not “you” or “we.”  Own it.
4. Be 100% committed (Let another brother know if you have to miss a session.) Can you commit to the 4 ground rules?

Extra Material

Included in this section are some things we find interesting and have helped us along our journey. We hope they help you and inspire you as well.